Bafang BBSHD Controller 30amps unlock + programming 🔋

£10.00 inc. VAT

What’s needed?

Buyer will send controller in for upgrade at own cost. Return postage cost is included within listing.

turn around within 2 working days of receipt of controller (work undertaken here in UK, in Manchester, most of the time, same day service)

Free Service for Bafang BBSHD Customers:

Please add your battery voltage in the notes section! This is so the LVC (Low Voltage Cut-Off) can be programmed correctly 🙂



Full throttle on 0 + other levels are unlocked

Speed limit set by display command, applies for pedal assist only (PAS) throttle bypasses this limit

Power delivery is smoother upon startup

Power when using PAS kicks in sooner when you start pedalling, increased responsiveness and improves pedal assist hugely

Power delivery stops sooner, again bike feels more response, due to reduced power cut off delay time

All levels 1-7 are more usable, custom mapped current % and speed %, pedal assist will significantly improve because of this

30amp Unlock, most BBSHD from past 2 years are restricted to 28amps, unlock can be done on request only (make sure your battery BMS can handle 30amp continuous)

7% increase in max output power