Bafang BBSHD 45amps Modified Controller

£180.00 inc. VAT

Modded BBSHD controller outputting 45amps of power rather than the stock 28a or 30a available peak.

This is a theoretical 50% increase in peak amperage output over the stock controller.

Test Mileage without incident thus far (to be updated weekly): 220 miles

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What do I need to do?

For this service, you must remove your existing Bafang BBSHD controller and replace with our like-for-like upgraded model, here’s a useful video showing the process, note: you don’t need to remove the cranks or chainwheel, just move the chain to the side : )

Put simply:

  • Remove the 3 drive side bolts
  • Unplug the three colour phase wires by pulling apart
  • Holding the black clip, press and release the black cable
  • Pressing and holding the white 6 pin JST connector, lightly tug the cable free, you may need to cut the silicone around the connector for this
  • Reverse what you just did with the new unit

What’s the benefit?

  • Increase in torque and acceleration off the mark, punchy!
  • 1-2 mph increase in speed (same voltage, hence no significant increase in top speed)

Is it reliable?

We will continue to update the mileage count on our demo bike, in theory, this modification could allow 60amps of power, there have been many reported instances of riders reliably running 50 amps of power, we’ve opted to settle for 45amps peak as a healthy trade-off between longevity and power.


30 days.

Unlike our kits and batteries, this upgrade does not come with a full 1 year warranty due to it ultimately being a modification not recommended by the manufacturer (duh!). It is however very carefully done with reliability in mind. All parts on the BBSHD are user replaceable however so what could go wrong!