What powers an eBike?


The motor is usually placed either at the hub of a wheel or at the crank. Most expensive bikes will use motors at the crank, this is because they offer some serious performance benefits.

These are otherwise known as “Mid-Drive” motors/units.

Locating the motor at the crank lowers the centre of gravity of the bike which can improve handling. It’s also much more efficient at transferring power from energy to the drive train than a wheel-based motor. 

Using a display on your bike that’s linked to your motor, you can select different levels of assistance. Most motors come with a variety of assistance levels, from low-level pedal assistance to high-powered throttle support.


All eBikes need a battery, which is usually located on or in the downtube of the frame. The capacity of the battery is measured in Watt-hours (Wh) or Amp-hours (Ah). 

The voltage is measured in Volts (V) –

Common voltages used are 36v, 48v & 52v – Voltage = Powwwerrrr!!

The battery will contain a BMS (battery management system), this monitors and manages the batteries input/output

The controller unit then pulls power from the battery, providing power for the motor to utilise!

The quality of cell used is also important to consider, cheapest is not always best!


The core function of an electric bike controller is to take all the inputs from all the electric components ( throttle, speed sensor, display, battery, motor, etc.) and then determine what should be signalled in return to them (motor, battery, display).

Usually, eBike controller units are external devices, however all our mid-drive models integrate this module as part of the motor itself, allowing for a super clean install!

Are Mid-Drives easy to fit?

— Absolutely! (it’s actually quite fun!)

Simply put – a mid drive kit is fitted into your bikes bottom bracket. For installation, you must remove the cranks (crank tool supplied), remove your bottom bracket, slide the motor axle through the shaft and bolt on with the lock-rings provided!

The mid-drive kits are provided with pre-wired “higo” connectors, all colour coded, – with no electrical experience necessary!

Functioning of the displays is easy to use, there is no programming required, all our kits/battery combinations are plug and play!

— Here’s an awesome video showing the process!

What sort of range can I expect?

Here’s a handy guideline:

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